Spot on news happening in the streets

Get all the news on your area and engage in those that matter to you.


Get authentic content

We created an environment to promote useful and genuine information.

Say it better with visuals

Support your niouz post with a picture or a video so everyone get to see it with their own eyes.

Capture instantly

Having no upload feature, we let you capture moments on the fly with the in-app camera.

Wherever you are, don't miss out on anything

We use your device GPS to filter content related to your current location or interact with post from other location. Wherever you go, see what others Niouzers are sharing.


How it Works?

  1. Something interesting is happening around you.
  2. Grab your phone, take a picture or video and using a few words, describe what's happening.
  3. Share it on the app
  4. Other users from your area will be able to interact on your post.
  5. With each post, get a chance to increase your score as a user.
  6. Looking for something specific? Interested in everything that's going on? Use our category filter to check out news from any location.


What is Niouz ?

Niouz is a social news platform created for anyone seeking relevant and authentic local news from anywhere in the world. Our users have the ability to share what’s happening in the streets and other users can authenticate them. We favor fresh and relevant stories and new content continuously pops up throughout the day.

How does the authentication process works?

We use a combo of (1) images, (2) GPS and (3) User feedback to verify your post.
With images, everyone gets to view what's happening as if they were actually there. And since there’s no upload feature, we leave less options for fake news.
Also, thanks to your GPS, we can pinpoint the news location and active users around you can add up to your post as well.
Users around your area need to say whether the information is true or unverified. With simple maths (number of positive/negative interactions divided by active users in the area), we assign a post rating. For each posts, the user gets a rating (score of each post divided by number of post). The higher your rating, the more trustable your post becomes.

What does the number next to the title and user picture indicate?

Next to a title of a post, you see a number which is the post's score. It goes from 0 to 5 where 0 is for uncredible and 5 is for credible. The user also gets a rating between the same range. The higher your score is as a user, the more credible you become.

Can anyone post a news?

The requirements to post any news are as follow: you need a smartphone with a camera and internet connection :)

What are the advantages of keeping a good rating?

The information you bring is important to us. Therefore, any user with good rating gets rewarded with a badge so everyone can see how positively they are contributing to the platform.
As for someone who keeps a bad rating, we will provide assistance in order for that person to improve the way he/she shares information.

How different is Niouz from other local news app?

Niouz focuses on providing the user with the best news experience ever and to achieve this, we make sure you receive only authentic stories that matters to you. You get the news first, faster than any other news outlet. Our flexible platform makes it easy to switch between topics and since you’re the one providing the content, you’ll get a new perspective on how local news are impacting your life.

What if my post doesn’t get enough confirmation?

It is totally possible for someone to post an information that does not get enough confirmation. For example, it can happen if the area doesn’t have many active users. In a case like this, we'll specify on the post “Not enough data to verify authenticity”. Then, we'll proceed to review your evidence (photo, video) later on or try to match your news with similar reports from other users. As you can see, it’s a case by case scenario.

Why can’t I upload a picture or video?

Considering how harmful it can be to spread misleading information, we thought it would be necessary to come up with a solution that guarantees the news' authenticity. We can be 99.99% sure that the picture you take or video you shoot within the app happened for real whereas an uploaded picture or video could be a pure work of fantasy or an event that happened long time ago in similar conditions.

What tips can you give me to publish engaging news?

If you wish to improve the quality of your post, here are some principles you could follow:

  • Take a picture or record the event only if it’s safe to do so
  • Hold your smartphone steadily and shoot in landscape mode for better view
  • Remember the 5 W of a story (Who? What? How? When? Where?). Be sure to highlight those when reporting. Oh! We get you covered for the last two W.
  • We've forgot something?

    Reach out to if you have additional questions.